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How do I connect my midi keyboard to FL Studio 7? ?

fl studio

i got a yamaha keyboard and I can’t figure out how to get it to play in FL Studio 7. Maybe you guys can tell me how to connect my midi device to it. FL studio recognizes it, but I can’t get it to where if I play a note on my midi device and have it come out on Slayer (for example). Any help would be great.


2 Responses to “How do I connect my midi keyboard to FL Studio 7? ?”

  1. XGoz Says:

    Ok..So lets assume you have the connection hooked up right.

    You say the FL Studio software recognizes your yamaha. How do you know that it is recognized?
    When you play your keyboard and set your software to record, does it record your midi notes?

    Ok..so let’s say that you can record. Now the playback. YOu can see the notes but when you playback nothing is happening.

    1. Do you have midi out from your computer hooked up to midi in to your keyboard. (I had to asked that. You’d be surprise.) Confirm

    2. So lets say that you have done step 1 and still nothing. On the track that you recorded check the midi settings. that is the issue.


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